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  • Cheesecake Brownies

    If you want your cheesecake brownies to have defined layers of brownie and cheesecake, as soon as you pour the brownie mixture in the pan, refrigerate it for some minutes until it reaches certain consistency so that it will support the cheesecake with out mixing with it.

  • Baking in your home oven

    Each oven is different, even if it is of the same brand and model. You have to learn how to adapt to the times and temperatures given in each recepie. In some ovens it may take longer or you might have to adjust the temperature.

    It is important to evaluate the finished product to adjust your time and temperature for the following time.
  • Tempering Chocolate

    When melting chocolate to temper it, first cut the chocolate in small pieces. In this way the chocolate will melt faster.

  • Ganache

    When making chocolate ganache, it´s very important to have super clean utensils.

    It is better that you sanitize them after you have carefully washed them.
  • Ganache

    Ganache is a very versatile product. You can use it as icing or to fill up cakes or brownies.

    Just make sure to use it at the right temperature: Warm is better for Icing, Cool is better for filling.
  • Cordillera Chocolate Tablets

    When making these tablets, refer to the back of the envelope to learn how to temper the chocolate.

    At the end of the tempering procedure, pour the chocolate over a rectangular pan with the desired caliber you want your tablets to have.

    Before the couverture is completely cold and set, with the help of a ruler and a knife, cut the tablets the size you want them to have.

    You can even eat these tablets as chocolate themselves.