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  • Chocolate Cake
    (Makes 1 cake)

Chocolate-Nut Cookies

Unsalted butter 560 grams
Sugar 640 grams
Egg yolks 32 units
Puracé 36% Dark Milk Couverture 720 grams
Egg whites 32 units
Superfine sugar 240 grams
Flour 500 grams
Cocoa powder 70 grams
Baking powder 5 grams
To make the Ganache:  
Puracé 36% Dark Milk Couverture 3 Cups
Fresh Cream (35% Fat) 3 Cups


- Temper the Puracé 36% Dark Milk Chocolate as shown on the back of the envelope.
- Whip the butter with the sugar until incorporated.
- Whip in the yolks to the butter-sugar mixture.
- Mix the tempered liquid chocolate with the above mixture.
- Whip the egg white with the superfine sugar to reach a meringue consistency.
- Mix the flour, cacao powder and baking powder together. Make sure to sift them.
- Mix together the chocolate mixture first with the meringue and then with the flour mixture.
- Pour into a greased cake pan.
- Bake at 300oF for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
- When the cake is ready, you can either fill it and/or put icing on it with the chocolate ganache.

Recipes by Chef Juan fernando Quintero