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Cacao Beans

The cacao used in the production of Chocolate Cordillera is a hybrid of Criollo and Trinitario cacao.


Our chocolate is distinctive as we carefully select the ideal blend of Colombian cacaos that provide a perfect flavour balance. Further care is taken in roasting, adjusting the temperature to highlight the unique benefits of this premium cacao.


Chocolate Cordillera is produced by roasting the cacao nibs, rather than the whole cacao beans. This method produces a better chocolate and one that highlights the unique flavours of the premium beans.


The conching process blends the elements of stirring, temperature and time to ideally purify and polish the flavours required to create Chocolate Cordillera couvertures.


Molding, enrobing, coating, decoration (cigarettes, shavings ribbon,) pastry (creams and custards, mousses), filling and ganache.